SLAGTOWN- One Part Fiction One Part true story.  Song was inspired by growing up in Gatchell, a special part of Sudbury, Ontario where false rumours spread quick, and slag was beautiful, just like Maria.  Vincenzo’s homemade wine  soothed the soul.


SEVEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT- I was honoured to play electric guitar on this Manteye track along with the great Chris Spedding.  Loved his guitar solo.  What a  jaw dropping experience to watch him in the studio, great tone and so RAW!

SO SENSATIONAL- I had blast playing electric guitar on this one.  I was aiming for Chuck Berry 50’s style with more distortion.  Imagine Chuck Berry on steroids!  Furlinetto strat through a Seymour Duncan amplifier...recorded in a washroom at Wellesley Studio in Toronto.

RESIP- While working on the 2nd BBB album, Jaro and other members of the group were caught in traffic.  That meant an hour of studio time to spare so I recorded this instrumental and called it Resip.

54 STEPS- “A martyr tune” - definition:

a song to get the creative juices going.  Lilly and I were in Janeville N.B. , recording and staying in an Antique wooden church.  This was our first day “martyr” tune.  Lilly counted her steps back to the church from oceanside morning coffee (54), wrote a lyric and a song was born.

ANCESTOR’S TABLE- Speaks of the Acadian past, present and future.  Lilly and I wrote this  song in Janeville, New Brunswick after visiting an actual Ancestor’s Table.   We can all identify with family, friends and good times as we remember those who left us.  This month Ancestor’s Table is the feature song on

DIRTY BLONDE FROM HAMBURG- January 1997 Just home from playing in Switzerland and feeling in the creative “zone”.  Huge output of songwriting in a two week period.  This song, recorded with Steve Klodt, represents what I wanted to hear when I was 19- LOUD GUITARS!

TOGETHER- One of the last songs recorded by BBB.  Love the way it keeps building.  We didn’t try to sound like anyone and ended up sounding like ourselves...go figure!

DANCING IN MY LIVINGROOM- This is one of my favourite collabs with my brother Ernie G.  It’s a combination of two different songs brought together for the greater good.  I think this could be a future PIP possibility.

GONNA LIVE LONG- So sad was the recent passing of Steve Klodt.  He is missed and shall live on in the memories of so many.  Steve had a wickedly great sense of humour and he always played music for music’s sake.  His accordion playing on this track is vintage.